the story

ADA Punks are original pixel artwork created by actual punks and crypto enthusiasts. These artworks will live on-chain and exist beyond you or I. ADA Punks express character, attitude, and meld the digital and physical world together. We believe that ADA punks bring attention to cryptocurrency and increase adoption. When you buy an ADA Punk you own all distribution rights to that art piece. Print your ADA Punk and hang it on your wall!

While we commend the Original Crypto Punks, we wanted original art that was accessible and built on the blockchain of the future.

ADA Punks aren’t just art, they’re gateways to DeFi, Gaming, and other social applications. ADA Punks is seeking other players in the Cardano ecosytem to eventually bring you staking, borrowing/loaning, and other ways to passively earn on the value of your ADA punk without ever needing to give up ownership.

ADA Punks will be home to crypto art, gaming, and DeFi enthusiasts. We’ll trade ADA punks, make crypto calls, and build projects together.